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Cancer Prevention & MB


I'm wondering what MB's take on cancer prevention (recurrence prevention) is. I noticed the plans for post cancer patients include a lot of animal protein and dairy. There are many that promote 100% plant based for cancer prevention/treatment and have their science. Just wondering what science MB follows when it comes to the right foods for cancer prevention/ and recurrence prevention. It would be nice to be able to explain to the client why their plan isn't plant based or mostly plant based.



I have 2 different cancer support certifications (USA and Canada) so I'll offer my personal opinions aside from MB head office.

With recurrence prevention, a truly personalized approach is preferred as large amounts of beef and pork long-term can definitely be sub-optimal for some.  It's also worth noting that in all research, no differentiation is made between naturally raised versus processed beef and pork products, as well as quantity/frequency and what other foods are eaten in the can be sure that if people are eating hotdogs, they're having fries not a colourful salad!

For us as Nutrition Support professionals, it would be best to get really individual...know:

- previous symptomatology that contributed to cancer in the first place (diet, metaphysical, environmental, etc.)

- their blood type (which carries genetic factors) and do Nutrogenomic testing.  From that, supplementation, diet and lifestyle recommendations etc. can be targeted to address each person's areas of risk.


The MB approach of natural foods, impact of the 8 rules, insulin regulation, etc. is REALLY beneficial as a general foundation.

Here's a Canadian study to back up what I've said but you should review many studies to educate yourself on the shortfalls of purely plant-based diets.  Books like the China Study have been scientifically disproven.  As a side note, most of the Asian population is A blood type which do better with poultry & fish over pork/beef so that played somewhat into the book's info.


It's also a consideration that cancer is often about the body's "terrain or mileu", not specific foods going in.

*Answer provided by Susan Schroeter, RHN


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